Athlete of the MonthApril

Ani Monroe

How old / young are you? 24 years old What is your occupation? I am an EMT at Longmont United Hospital ER, a CrossFit coach, and a full-time nursing student, as well as a ski racing coach during the winter. When did you join Widespread Fitness? June 2017 Why did you decide to give Widespread Fitness a try? I came back from college and needed something that wasn’t a big gym like Lifetime. I am not the best self-motivator so working out at big gyms was not improving my fitness. I also needed a place to be competitive, and I remembered from my ski racing career that CrossFit dry land training was always fun and challenging. So I googled the nearest CrossFit gym to me and bam there was Widespread. What was your athletic background before starting? I grew up playing all the sports… but mainly was a soccer player, ski racer and swimmer. What changes in your health, physique, and overall performance have you seen since starting? I have noticed that my endurance and muscle strength is much closer to that of when I was competitively skiing. I have also noticed that I am much more confident when facing new challenges like new benchmark workouts… hello “Beef Kabobs”, lol. What advice would you give to someone with regards to starting? There is no good time to do anything. Don’t wait and don’t be intimidated by anyone at the gym who looks “so fit.” CrossFit workouts are hard for everyone, they are designed to be that way. Come in and be present and do what you are capable of…you don’t need to bring anything else to the table, so why wait. What is your favorite and least favorite exercises / movement? My favorite exercises are anything cleans or deadlifts. My least favorite exercises are probably running or sled pushes What is your most memorable moment so far? I would have to say the very first workout competition that I joined. I was about 3 months into working out at the gym when Kari asked if I wanted to do the competition… I felt like I failed miserably and wasn’t anywhere near strong enough to be part of that competition, but the atmosphere was just amazing. What do you like to do outside of the gym? As my mom would say, anything dumb and dangerous… meaning I like to be outside mountain biking, rock climbing, camping, or fly fishing. What is your favorite “cheat” food or meal? This one is tough because I just like “cheat” food in general… but I would have to say either mac and cheese or ice cream. What is something people would be surprised to know about you? I qualified for junior Olympics for ski racing 4 different times and I have also been part of the same ski team for 19 years now. Who or what inspires you the most? I would say that my Nana inspires me most. She has lived with Rheumatoid Arthritis for almost 30 years and has had COPD and Lung Cancer for almost 2 years now and she is still able to live alone and do what she loves like gardening. I can only hope that I have half the drive and passion that she has. What is one goal you would like to accomplish? I would love to complete an Ironman… which is something that I’m sure I will really start pursuing when I am no longer in school and working 5 million different jobs.