Athlete of the MonthJanuary

Cole Shapiro

How old / young are you? 10 What is your occupation? Student When did you join Widespread CrossFit? When junior wranglers began. Why did you decide to give CrossFit a try? Because my dad was doing it at the time. What was your athletic background before starting CrossFit? I liked to play tag and some sports I occasionally played were soccer, basketball, and running.  What changes in your health, physique, and overall performance have you seen since starting CrossFit? I have definitely gotten way stronger and I have greatly improved on cardio vascular endurance and muscular strength and endurance. What advice would you give to someone with regards to starting CrossFit? Try your best and never give up. What is your favorite and least favorite CrossFit exercises / movement? My favorite movements are burpees, burpee box jumps, running and Russian twists. Some of my least favorite movements are goblet squats, cartwheels and that’s it. What is your most memorable CrossFit moment so far? My first double under. What do you like to do outside of CrossFit? Video games and playing. What is your favorite “cheat” food or meal? My favorite meal is Chick-fil-la. What is something people would be surprised to know about you? I have ADHD. Who or what inspires you the most? I get a lot of inspiration from video games and my dad. What is one goal you would like to accomplish through CrossFit? Strict double unders with out bending my knees.