Benefits Of Exercise and Strength Training For Youth

It is no secret that physical activity is important at all ages, but more and more studies are coming out showing just how important exercise is for our younger generations specifically. 

Physical activity promotes positive mental health and brain function. Being able to work both sides of our brain, like exercise does, benefits the younger generations greatly! It improves their  ability to concentrate, their memory and overall attention span. Not only that but it boosts their mood and fights symptoms of depression! 

With so many digital distractions in today’s world, we are seeing more and more concentration issues in our youth. It has been showing that movement, blood flow and an elevated heart rate can help decrease these issues substantially. 

Exercise also provides better sleep quality. Sleep is the time for our brain to “detox” itself and reset for another day. The importance of sleep is becoming more and more prevalent and this fact alone should be a motivating factor to keep your children moving and shaking throughout the day! 

Strength training specifically provides so many health benefits for children, as well! Not only does it help strengthen their muscles, but also their bones, ligaments and tendons which can not only help prevent injury and keep them balanced in their movement, but if they do get injured it also helps them heal faster and more efficiently. 

Strength training also shows them that persistence and hard work are valuable qualities to have. Strength training is one of those things that requires practice, determination and hard work. It’s also something that you can directly see benefits from. If they strength train, they will see their strength increase and their muscle’s build along with so many other benefits. 

There are so many endless benefits to physical activity and strength training for kids. In today’s world, making practices around fitness is something we truly believe in and support whether it’s school sports or any other kind of fitness routine! 

-Kari Kirkendall, Nutrition Coach / Youth Program Director / Media & Event Director

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