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Warm-up (No Measure)

20 Air Squats

Then with barbell

10 Deadlifts

8 Front Squats

6 Sumo Deadlifts

20 Front Fack Reverse Lunges


10 Banded Standing Glute Leg Raises

5 One Legged Hip Raises


Sumo Deadlift (12 Minutes Work Up To Heavy Triple)

Warm up / Work up sets: 10-7-5-5-3-3…. Make sure form takes precedence over weight. Newer athletes: 5 x 5, adding weight if form permits.


Metcon (Time)

Teams of 2

10 Rounds

50m Sled Drags (Avg BW)

100ft Farmer Carries (70, 53)

10 Box Jumps (24, 20)
Partners completes full round before switching. Partners must tag. 20 minute time caps

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