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Warm-up (No Measure)

4 Rounds

30 Singles

4 Russian Kettlebell Swings

4 Kettlebell Swings

8 Half Burpees

16 Banded Front Pull-Aparts

5 Yoga Push-ups


Dumbbell Chest Press (5 Sets of 8 Reps)

Today we will be performing DB floor press with a grip rotation. Grip will rotate from palms facing into palms facing forward. Use 2 warm up sets to work up to your desired weight. Keep same weight for all sets. Superset DB one arm rows. Rest 60 seconds between movements.

Iso-dynamic Kettlebell Rows (5 Sets of 8 Reps Each Side)

Start with KB in each hand and arm bent, back flat, extend one arm at a time alternating each rep,. We are working opposing muscle groups. These are challenging so go lighter than may think to ensure upper-back engagement. Superset with DB alternating one arm row. 60 seconds rest between movements.


Metcon (Time)

40 KBS (53, 35)

4 Rope Climbs

30 KBS

3 Rope Climbs

20 KBS

2 Rope Climbs

10 KBS

1 Rope Climbs
Today’s metcon should be performed around 80-85% intensity. Grip will become a factor early on. You should be able to complete the KBS in 3 sets or less. Try to minimize rest when you put down the KBS. 18-minute time cap. Scale option (4-3-2-1 rope pulls)((20-15-10-5 Ring Rows)

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