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Warm-up (No Measure)

400 Meter Run

General Dynamic Warm-up (No Measure)

Knee Hugs

Quad Stretch

Marching Toe Touches

One Leg Deadlifts

Inside Ankle Taps

Outside Ankle Taps

High Knees

Butt Kickers

High Skips


Jumping Jack Shuffle

Elbow-2-Ankle Lunge + Reach


Metcon (Time)

Teams of 2

2 Mile Sandbag Run (50, 35)

Every 2 Minutes Do

5 Burpee Jump Overs Each Partner
Today’s workout is a great GPP workout that challenging you physically and mentally. Your will break the 2 miles into 100 or 200 meters intervals, switching the sandbag back and forth between partners. Both partners will run full 2 miles. When it is your turn give close to 100% effort. Scale option (half burpee jump overs). 30 minute time cap.


Metcon (No Measure)

8 Rounds

20 Seconds On, 10 Seconds Off

Hollow Rocks

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