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Warm-up (No Measure)

400 Meter Run


2 Rounds

10 Single Arm KB Russian Swings Each

10 Single Arm KB Push Presses Each

10 Single Arm KB Bent Over Rows Each


Dumbbell Chest Press (5 Sets of 6-8 Reps)

Performing DB floor press starting with overhead grip at bottom rotating to neutral grip at top. Take 1-2 warm up sets to find a challenging weight and keep that weight for all 5 working sets. Take 60 seconds rest between sets.


Metcon (Time)

Every 5 Minutes For 4 Rounds

200 Meter Run

25 Alt. DB Snatches (50, 35)

25 KB Swings (53, 35)
This metcon is going to test your ability to remain consistent with your output as well as some local upper body endurance. Your pacing should be uncomfortable but sustainable at around 80%. Try to keep your splits within 15-:20 seconds of each other. Your score is the slowest split.


Metcon (No Measure)

4 Rounds

10 Alt DB Hammer Curls Each

20 RKC Plank

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