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Warm-up (No Measure)

With Partner Complete

100 Jumping Jacks

500 Meter Row


3 Rounds

15 Banded Front Pull-aparts

15 Banded Overhead Pull-aparts

5 Yoga Push-ups

10 Bent Over Rows

10 Push Press


Push Press (Work Up To 2RM)

In 15 minutes or 7-9 sets build to a 2RM or heavy double, progressively adding weight each set. Warm-up / work up sets should look like 5-3-2-2…. Reset on shoulder each rep, no rebounding.


Metcon (Time)

2 Rounds

150 Double Unders

75 Calorie Row

50 DB Push Press (50, 35)
This workout calls for a slower pace, around 70-75%. Shot for negative split on second round so making to not go out too hard on the first round. DB Push Press should be light enough to complete at least sets of 10. 20 minute time cap. Scale option (100 DUs)(75 DUs)(200 singles)

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