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Upper Body Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Rounds

6 Bent Over Rows

6 Push Presses

6 Barbell Curls

25 Overhead Banded Pull Aparts

10 Thoracic Rotations Each Side


Close Grip Floor Press (15 Minutes To Work Up To 3RM)

Take 5-6 working sets and progressively build to a 3RM. One athlete will spot while other lifts, then switch. Typically your floor press will be 10-15% less than your bench press because you cannot use your feet.


CP (Time)

30 Curtis P’s (135, 95)
1 Power Clean + 1 Front Rack Forward Lunge Each + 1 Push Press. This one is all about pacing. Shoot for 4-5 reps every 60 seconds. Weights may be slightly lighter than what they would choose for a workout like “Grace”. 10 minute time cap.

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