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Warm-up (No Measure)

200 Meter Run


3 Rounds

10 Walking Lunges

10 Banded Good Mornings

10 Bird Dogs

10 Glute Bridges


200m Run


Box Squats (15 Minutes To Work Up To 3 RM)

Build to 3RM wide stance (outside shoulder width) box squat over the course of 6-7 sets. Box height should be at parallel. Make sure you stay tight on the box and ask for a spotters if needed.


Gameday (Time)

30 Front Squats (155, 105)

30 Lateral Burpees

5 Minute Rest

30 Power Cleans (155, 105)

30 Lateral Burpees
Each section of this workout is intended to be done near maximal effort, 90-95% effort which means you should worry less about pacing and more about just going for it especially on burpees! You willhave 5 minutes of rest between sections to recover as much as possible. 20 minutes time cap.

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