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Warm-up (No Measure)

With Partner

400m Medball Run

20 Partner Wallballs

20 Burpees Over Partner


5 Minutes Soft Tissue Work – lacrosse ball

– 30s in each pec

– 30s in scapular


2 x 7 Wall Slides with 30 seconds rest between


Kettlebell Shoulder Press (5 Sets of 5-7 Reps)

From seated position. Heavy as possible, while keeping form. Use same weight for all sets. 60-90 seconds rest between sets.


Balls To The Wall (AMRAP – Reps)

In 5:00

800 meter Run

Remaining time AMRAP: Wallballs (20, 14)

Rest 3:00

In 4:00

600 meter run

Remaining time AMRAP: Wallballs

Rest 3:00

In 3:00

400 meter run

Remaining time AMRAP: Wallballs
Scale run distance and weight as needed. Run distance scales: (600,400, 200), (400,300,200). Shooting to have at least 60 sec of wallballs each round. Score is total number of wallballs completed.

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