Cherry Picking Workouts

We have all done it. Checked the workout and hit “cancel” to our class reservation. Maybe you don’t like running, maybe you don’t like a lot of barbell work, or maybe wall balls challenge you in a way that hurts the soul…we have all been there!
We want to challenge you to say that quite possibly the thing you hate the most (running, barbell, wall balls etc) might just be the thing you NEED the most of in your fitness routine! We would bet that if you enjoy running, it’s a strength of yours and something you do often. If that’s the case a little bit of strength work with a barbell will not only work on a weakness to make you a better all-around athlete, but will actually also strength muscles used for your running! Making you a more efficient runner and probably help you prevent injuries from the repetitive movement of running.
The same goes for barbells! If you really despise running and really just enjoy having a barbell in your hands, we would bet that a little more aerobic capacity could benefit you greatly, making you a better athlete all around (yes even more efficient with that barbell you never want to put down!).
The truth of fitness is that we need ALL of it! Yes ALL of it! You need to lift, you need to run, you should try a yoga class (WSCF Members just a reminder that we have a partnership with CorePower Yoga!). There are benefits to every form of fitness out there and challenging yourself will not only keep you more fit but will also keep things constantly interesting. That’s one of the beautiful things about CrossFit. It’s constantly varied, but not if we “cherry-pick” our workouts.
So don’t look at the workout, come prepared for anything, and have some fun! Even if it’s not in your comfort zone or wheelhouse!
-Kari Kirkendall, Nutrition Coach / Youth Program Director / Media & Event Director

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