Consistency But Not Too Much

We preach consistency a lot in the gym because we feel it should be the foundation of everyone’s fitness journey, no matter if you are just starting out or have been on this path for years. It is proven that if you are hitting workouts, sticking to a nutrition plan and/or taking care of your body on a regular basis results will happen.  

Now that being said, every once in a while you need to change things up or step “outside the box”. When you throw your body/brain a curveball you challenge yourself in different ways. This could be as simple as picking a different scale option for Pull-ups (instead of Banded Pull-ups do Partner Assisted) or replacing your normal gym workout with a new sport or event.

So when you feel like your progress has stalled, take a hard look at your routine and add in a little variety. Do something different!

-Matthew Kirkendall Head Coach/Owner