In my opinion inconsistency is one of the biggest reasons for minor aches and pains. And I am not just talking about inconsistency in your weekly workout routine, even though this definitely has a huge impact on a person’s injury rate but inconsistency in other factors like recovery, nutrition, and workload.

The body thrives on consistency. When you are consistent with anything the body has time to learn, adapt and improve on that thing. If you are changing things up too often or worse yet not following through on what you started, your body never gets in a groove and it feels like you are starting all over every time you go back to that thing.

Think back the last time you had an injury. Did you skip a scheduled rest day for another workout? Did you throw weight on the bar instead of following a systematic gradual progression? Did you skip a meal or eat like shit for a few days? Being consistent makes a difference.

If you find yourself to be injury prone, look at establishing consistency in your training first.

-Matthew Kirkendall, Head Coach/Owner

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