Getting Back In The Saddle

You were out of town and traveling for work. You were visiting family for the holiday’s, and then had a
vacation in the beginning of January. Work was CRAZY this month filled with early mornings and late
nights. You got sick and couldn’t get out of bed for a few days and then took a few more days to feel half
way human….In all of these situations, and so many more, time is taken away from self care, including
making sure you are getting into the gym regularly.
After being “out of it” for awhile, the motivation to “get back in it” fades quickly. You look at where you
were and how much hard work it took to get there, (because let’s be honest, fitness absolutely takes
hard work and dedication) and the thought of trying to get there again is not only daunting, it is
completely un-motivating.
We have all been there, but we have advice to help you get out of that “funk” and back to taking care of
yourself, your health and your overall wellness!

1. One step at a time.
The big picture IS overwhelming, so don’t look at the big picture! Look at the small picture. Look
at it as one workout, because truly, that’s all it is! Don’t even think about “how far you have
fallen” or “where you used to be”. Focus on just doing one small thing to improve your health
that day. Wake up early and get to the gym, even if you don’t want to (because motivation
won’t be there more times than it is there and that’s the honest truth). It might not be your best
workout…WHO CARES?!? Not us! Not anyone else! You got in and made it happen…what else
could we ask for?!?
2. Think of the positives
Making decisions that we aren’t motivated to make can be made easier if we think of all of the
positives it is doing for us! Working out can not only give us a healthier lifestyle, but it can also
be used as a stress relief (for those of you who have a hectic work schedule that can get in the
way of exercise). It can give us energy and strength to take on our day, no matter what that
means for you and can also inspire other healthy life choices…ever notice that when you are
working out consistently your diet seems to be a little better overall, too?
3. Make it a meeting!
Sometimes the motivation DOES. NOT. HAPPEN. We can think of every reason as to why we are
“too busy” to make time for our health. Make it non-negotiable. When you are in a work
meeting, you aren’t able to answer your phone or check your email and you are not available for
the duration of that meeting…and somehow, the world waits until you are finished with the

meeting for the reply to their email or voicemail, without ending! So, our advice to you is…make
it a meeting! The good people of the world WILL be able to wait for 1 hour, while you take time
to yourself to reset and pursue a healthy lifestyle which will actually help you be able to
maintain a better work ethic, stay in good health to do your job correctly and efficiently, all
while still having the energy and strength to spend your time with family doing amazing, fun
activities as much as possible!
4. Have FUN!
The most important tip we have! Have fun with your training! Find the joy in what you are
doing. Be amazed at what your body can accomplish and how awesome it feels to be able to
run, jump and sweat. Take pride in the feeling you get after a difficult workout that you were
able to accomplish and know that all of that grit and determination will absolutely transfer over
into the real world when things get tough!

-Kari Kirkendall, Nutrition Coach / Event & Media Director

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