Group Fitness Workouts

The main goal for most, if not all, of our athletes, is all around health and fitness.   This means being strong and fit at the same time.  It means being able to lift heavy things around the house and running around the block without stopping.

Our group workouts are structured with this #1 goal in mind. Most days our group class workouts consist of both a strength and conditioning component.  This allows for a balance in our athletes overall fitness, while also giving them what they want and need.

Everyone wants to be stronger and for good reason.  In a typical week we include specific strength training on 4 days.  This includes 2 days devoted to lower body and 2 for upper body.   Of those 2 days, one day we keep the rep count low and weight heavier (obviously as form permits).  The other day we do the opposite, keeping the rep count is higher and the weight lower. This allows our athletes to build all around strength to handle any task that is thrown at them from moving the couch to beating their kids in a push-up contest.

While most of our athletes like lifting heavy sh-t, there is not the same desire to run intervals, push a sled or do burpees.  Conditioning is that piece of the fitness puzzle that gets your heart pounding, sweat rolling and leaves you out of breath.  It can be uncomfortable at times, but it’s an important piece if you want to see results.  We include some level of conditioning work in each of our group workouts.  This work can vary in movements, time, intensity and rest.   On the 4 days we have strength training programmed into the workout, we also include a short faster pace metcon (short for metabolic conditioning) of some sort. The other 2 days of the week that we don’t have strength training, we spice things up with a long slower pace aerobic or partner workout. For these workouts, the movements are usually less technical, the weight is lighter and can last from 25 to 40 minutes in length.  These are also the workouts where you will certainly see some type of mono-structural movement like running, rowing, or jump rope. Again we are trying to balance what our athletes want versus need.

We structure our group workouts to be constantly varied, but never random, very intentional and consistent in targeting our athletes strengths (likes) and weaknesses (dislikes). That’s it.  That is our secret to coaching the fittest people in Broomfield. 

– Matthew Kirkendall, Owner/Head Coach