How To Stay Motivated While Working Out At Home

Right now, working out at home is our reality (at least for the next little bit). We have all probably discovered by now that working out at home IS TOUGH! It’s tough to get motivated, it’s tough to STAY motivated throughout your workout and it’s tough to stay engaged without the community/friendly competition aspect that we all love so much inside our own CrossFit Affiliate walls.

So we decided to put some tips together on how to stay motivated during this time away from the gym!

  1. MORNING WORKOUTS MIGHT BE THE WAY TO GO RIGHT NOW  – Ok we know we know this doesn’t immediately sound like the best tip ever but here us out here. We find that if you are at home and out of your normal routine, waiting until later in the day can be a big detriment when it comes to getting your workout in. Chances are high that you will become less and less motivated as the day goes on, so schedule a time every morning, early enough so that it’s before too much time passes, to get some movement in.
  2. WARM UP – This one sounds kind of obvious but just start moving! It doesn’t need to be a set warm up or anything. It could absolutely just be turning on one of your favorite songs and dancing it out, but just start moving to get your body warmed up. Once you start moving, you will feel your mind clear, feel your muscles loosen up and this will help you get into a space needed to get started working out.
  3. SET A SCHEDULE – AND STICK WITH IT! – This is going to vary from person to person, but just like with exercise in general, you need to set the time aside to get it done. Yes there is a lot going on and yes there could be a lot to do right now, especially if you have kiddos that aren’t in school at the moment. That is EVEN MORE REASON to take a little bit of time for your own health (mental and physical)!
  4. MORE THAN NOTHING – You might not be getting one or two aspects of your fitness that you love so much because of the state of things right now. Try to roll with it and be open to new things! Remember MORE THAN NOTHING is the name of the game here. There will be good days and bad days, but no matter what is going on, a little bit of physical activity will help you mentally and physically. It might not be that heavy back squat you love so much or a short, fast and intense workout that we all kinda crave (in a weird way). That’s okay! If you are getting out and moving your body in some way, shape or form, that is more than nothing and some days (most days) that’s all it takes!


-Kari Kirkendall, Nutrition Coach / Youth Program Director / Media & Event Director

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