Is Your Workout Routine Supporting Your Goals?

All of us joined the gym for different reasons.  Maybe it was coming off a doctors appointment with some news of borderline high blood pressure.  Maybe it was being winded when we climbed the stairs. Maybe it was finally time to start putting ourselves first instead of everyone else. For most of us, it was to have a healthier lifestyle so years from how we can keep up with our children, grandchildren, or just keep enjoying all the beautiful things that CO has to offer us.

However, are you letting your comfort zone dictate your workout routine, which is impacting your goals? Do you have those workout movements that when you see them you cancel class or have a negative mindset going into the class?   I’m going to let you in on a little secret, those classes that have the movements that give us hives are the ones we NEED to sign up for!  Don’t just signing up for those heavy lifting days and skip (or coincidentally schedule a rest day) those longer cardio days.  Both are important to improving your overall health and getting you to your goal.

I encourage you to Embrace the SUCK!  When you do, you will start to see your fitness level change and overall feel healthier from the inside out. The short and fast workouts will get easier, and you will find your unlimited potential in both your mind and body. In the end, years from now your future self will thank you for not giving up on your goals. 

-Erica Erickson, Group Fitness Coach