Mastering The Basics

We all wanted to be the cool kid back in middle school.  The kid who could do it all and made it look effortless.  Well just like back in the day, we all want to be “cool” and do “cool” movements like Muscle-ups or Handstand Push-ups in workouts. Unfortunately this could get you in trouble, just like it could back in the day, haha.

A big mistake I see from my athletes is their desire to perform more technical or advanced movements before they have mastered the basics.  The basics are the foundation that support these “cool” movements.  Without a solid foundation, things break down and injuries occur.


If you want to stay injury free and enjoy working out for years to come, focus on getting real good at the basics movements first.  Then once you have the basic nailed down work on maintaining that form for multiple reps, even when you are tired. When you can knock out perfect rep after perfect rep, then slowly add more intensity to these basic movements. When you can keep your form at speed, then you may be ready (depending on your goals) to start working on the “cool” movements.

-Matthew Kirkendal Owner/Head Coach