Not Fit Enough

“Im not fit enough.” “I need to get in shape before I can join your gym.”

If you do a quick internet search for CrossFit you will see some of the fittest athletes in the world.  Men and women that look like they should be (and probably are) on the cover for a fitness magazine and doing workouts that would leave any normal person face down in the dirt.  While these athletes are certainly  “CrossFitters” they are a very small percentage of the CrossFit community, like less than 1%. This is like comparing the NFL to your neighborhood flag football team.  The majority of the members who frequent my gym are JUST LIKE YOU. They are not looking to lift a 500lb deadlift, run a sub 5 minute mile or give up their pizza.  They just want to be able to keep up with their kids, hike a 14er, clean the garage without pulling a muscle and just maybe look good in a bathing suit.

After talking with hundreds of potential members, the #1 hesitation about getting started is not being fit enough.  My response is “Don’t you go to the gym to get fit?  If you were already fit you would not need to go to the gym.  Also you will never be fit enough. Fitness is a lifelong journey and there is always room for improvement.”

I’m not going to lie, the workouts we do here are tough.  But doing the tough stuff leads to change and results. You will certainly leave here sweaty and tired but with a feeling of accomplishment and pride. And don’t worry the coaches will modify any workout to meet your level of fitness so you will get a good workout while being safe about it.

-Matt Kirkendall, Head Coach