Nutrition Tips For Travel

Staying on track with your nutrition while traveling is not easy! You are out of your routine, you likely don’t have a kitchen
to cook meals, you are eating out a lot and chances are there are a few drinks involved. So here are a few tips and tricks that we utilize, to prioritize nutrition, even on the road!

1. YOU HAVE OPTIONS! Just because you are dining out, doesn’t mean your food choices HAVE to
be poor choices! You can always order on the healthier side of the menu and almost all
restaurants will allow you to make modifications to your specific order. Ordering a protein
option with a double vegetable side, instead of those heavier side options, is something we
recommend and practice while dining out. If you are ordering drinks, try to stay
away from those that are full of sugar, syrups or flavoring and make sure to be drinking plenty of

2. STOP AND SHOP FIRST! No matter when you arrive at your destination or no matter how tired
you are from your traveling, before you hit your hotel room stop at a local grocery store for a
quick 10 minute trip and purchase as many ready-to- go healthy snack and already prepared
items as you can! Rotisserie chicken, pre-made salads, jerky (watch the sugar and
ingredients), nuts and seeds (if you go trail mix again, watch the sugar and ingredients),
guacamole packets with pre-cut vegetables, or fruits, etc. etc.

3. GET MOVING! You can absolutely still get a good workout in, while on the road. Yes, it does take a
bit more self motivation to get up and get a workout in while traveling, but it can be done and will
actually kick start your energy for the rest of your day, whether it is for work meetings or
tourist events. Your workout doesn’t have to be super long or involve too many movements.
Any bodyweight or light weight interval type workout for 10-20 minutes will do the trick!

Yes, it is a bit more difficult to keep your health and fitness a priority while on the road, and it definitely
takes a bit more self motivation and effort, but it can be done! You might actually be surprised how little
time and effort it actually does take, and how much you enjoy it!  So give it a shot.  We bet that
your trip will be filled with a bit more energy and you will come back feeling better than ever!

– Kari Kirkendall, Coach / Event & Media Director

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