Realistic Resolutions

It’s that time of year again, as we get close to the New Year, many people start to think about their New Year’s resolutions or some might roll their eyes at even thinking about resolutions.  This year some might even think they need to go bigger as it’s the start of a new decade. What I find interesting is that many people never share their goals with anyone, which usually means that their goals are never reached.  I’m one that believes that you truly need to put things out into the universe because it holds yourself accountable. 

Did you know that each January, roughly one in three Americans resolve to better themselves in some way.  A much smaller percentage of people actually make good on those resolutions. To many times we set goals that aren’t realistic.  Too big from the beginning that we can’t keep up with them. Only about 75% of people stick to their goals for at least a WEEK, and only about 46% are still on target six months later! Unrealistic goals = stress = giving up before you even get started.

As you start to think of 2020, I encourage you put down on paper obtainable goals and share them with someone.  Not all goals have to be heath related. Maybe it’s reading for 15 minutes a day or maybe it’s giving yourself an extra 15 minutes of pure quietness to reflect on your biggest blessings from the day.  Since so many of us pick goals that are heath related here are a few to ponder.  

  • If you currently workout twice a week, shoot for three times a week. 
  • If you have an unhealthy relationship with pop/soda (figure I better not confuse anyone with my Midwest lingo and add both meanings), work on slowly decreasing the amount you drink and replacing it with water.  
  • Pick that one thing in the gym that you see on a workout and promise yourself that you won’t cancel to face your weakness.   
  • Sign up for that bucket list race and find a training buddy.  Having someone to train with will hold you accountable and keep it fun.  

As you sit down to reflect on 2019 and what you want to adjust moving into 2020, PLEASE STOP and celebrate all things BIG and SMALL that you accomplished this past year.  It might be getting your first pull up in the gym, liking burpees (not sure that if really possible), reading a book month, or spending more time with the ones you love. Be proud of ALL your accomplishments and remember that going into 2020, you have 12 Chapters and 365 Chances.  Are you going to let them slip away?!

-Erica Erickson, CrossFit Coach

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