Shut Up and Sign Up

We’ve all been there.  Perhaps you took a nice vacation and chose to let your body rest and recover….SMART!  Maybe you’ve been slammed with work and family obligations and de-prioritized exercise.  Or you could be out of your rhythm, and can’t quite break the cycle.  Regardless, the result is always the same; weeks have gone by, and you haven’t worked out or joined a class because you’re just too ‘out of shape’.

The reality is that it doesn’t take long for us to lose fitness, but it’s no excuse to not come to the gym.  That’s just the head trash that keeps you from doing exactly what you know you need to do.  The great thing about your health is that what you do from this point forward matters most.  You can choose right now to start eating better and getting to the gym regularly.  The previous day, week, month, year is inconsequential once you start in the direction you want to go.  I recently had a conversation with an athlete who was nervous about coming to the gym after several weeks off.  It was liberating for her to accept that just doing one workout immediately stopped the old pattern.  And what better community than ours to encourage and motivate athletes to get back into those healthy behaviors.  At Widespread, our mission is to spread the love of fitness, not punish you for getting out of shape.

            So, stop with the excuses and the weak justifications for why you are too busy to come to the gym. Just sign up for class.  It’s a quick and easy step toward breaking the cycle and getting back to what you know is best for you.

-Chris “OG” Jackson, Group Fitness Coach

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