Surviving The Holidays

Well it is a well known fact that Americans typically gain about 8lbs during November and December
(8lbs!), so we are here to give a few tips and tricks to “surviving the Holiday’s”!

1. DON’T TREAT IT AS A “CHEAT” DAY! We really dislike the “cheat” day thought process. This gives
it a negative feeling and also puts us into a mindset that all bets are off in regards to everything.
You will probably have a few more treats than normal, and that’s totally fine! Remind yourself of
that, and just changing your mindset to make it not such a “big deal” will help.
2. The “holiday eating” really doesn’t have to last more than just that day/meal. I think one of the
main issues is that the left overs and the season give people a reason to eat poorly for not just
that one day or meal, but also the entire week following that meal. Remember that YOU can
control and decide to pick up more nutrition eating habits the very next day.
3. Your workouts do not need to stop! We actually think you should USE that extra energy (food
intake) that you are giving your body and get a good workout session in!
4. Eat your veggies! When you sit down to eat your holiday meal, try to eat all of the vegetables
and protein options available first! “Fill up” on the healthier options at the table, leaving a little
less “binging” room for those sweet treats following the meal.
5. The Holiday’s are a time when we can fill up the emotional side of our well-being. Being around
family and friends and making that the focus will take the focus away from all of the treats that
are available during this time.

This is an amazing time of year, and all bets don’t have to be “off” regarding nutrition! You can still make
smart choices, while incorporating sweet treats, throughout this time of year and come out on the other
side feeling better physically and emotionally.

-Kari Kirkendall, Coach / Event & Media Director

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