Sara Kallio

"Continue to work on goals"

I joined Widespread CrossFit 8 months ago in August. My goal when joining was to get back in shape and lose weight. I wanted to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Through the constant support and encouragement from Matt, Kari, and all the members at Widespread, I have established and maintained a healthy lifestyle. I attend 4 classes per week. I have gained cardio endurance and strength that is noticeable after only 8 short months. My 5k time has dropped from 45 minutes to 33 minutes. In addition to the amazing coaching by Matt, he has a pull up progression program you can work on on your own. After only 3 months at 2 days per week, I got my first strict pull up. The program works. On top of that Matt and Kari organized a nutrition challenge. Through the 7 weeks, we all had constant support and encouragement. I lost 15 pounds and have maintained the new weight. I continue to work on goals, but in just 8 short months I have achieved many personal goals. I am happy with my cardio endurance, strength, and weight. Widespread CrossFit is an amazing community.

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