Why Motivation is The Worst Motivator

Motivation is a feeling. Just like being angry, sad, happy or mad, motivation is a feeling that can come and go. It can depend on things going on in your life or just how you feel in that fleeting moment about a certain thing.

When it comes to working out, depending on feeling motivated is a losing game! When it comes to motivation especially, sometimes, we have to create the motivation vs waiting for it to come to us. This is why leaning on discipline vs motivation is what will get us out of bed for that 5am workout when it’s a cold winter morning or what will stop us from leaning on a pint of ice cream after a rough day.

Our advice to you? Do not wait for motivation, especially when it comes to your health and fitness. Strive to put discipline in place (within reason, obviously), so that you can be sure that your health is being made a priority, even when it’s not convenient!

-Kari Kirkendall, Youth Coach, Nutrition Coach, Media & Event Director

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