Why Warm Up Exercises Are Important

Coaches ask you to ensure you show up on time, because we know how important it is for you
to warm up your body before we jump into both strength and the WOD. Sometimes the warmup
feels like a mini workout, but here are the main reasons why we do the warmups that we do.
Warming up is important to increase the body temperature which will be helpful to warm up our
muscles. Sometimes the warmup will be longer or shorter, it will depend on if we have strength
training or jumping right into a workout. The warm up allows you as an athlete to see how the
body is feeling, and it allows your coach to see how you’re moving. If you’re coming off an
injury, it allows everyone to see how the body is feeling, and ensure we adjust the movement
prior to moving along in the workout.
Many times your warm up will incorporate some of the movements we will be completing during
the workout. It allows you as an athlete to practice it and allow coaches to see how you’re
moving. If necessary it gives us time to help you practice or find a new movement to ensure
you don’t hurt yourself.
Last but not least, warming up gets you mentally ready for what is coming your way in both the
strength training and also workout. Warming up protects you from injury!! As an athlete, you
need to take the warm up as seriously as how much weight you put on your barbell. So give
yourself that extra five minutes to ensure your ready when class starts and be focused on giving
your body the time it needs to fully warm up and crush your daily workout.

-Erica Erickson, Group Fitness Coach

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