Difference Between Globo and Boutique Gyms

It is clear that the fitness industry is changing and what we offer, as a boutique style gym, is very different from that of a larger “globo” style gym. We are breaking down a few differences for you!

Now, in our opinion, this is one of the biggest factors in your success. Having a coach (or in our case, several coaches) hold you accountable, check in on you when you miss a few classes in a row or even just ask how your day is going is a HUGE piece that we feel is missing in a larger globo style gym. We know every athlete in class, the other athletes know you too and having that camaraderie¬†keeps you signing up for class even when you aren’t motivated to go (which is honestly, most of the time!).
Ever get to the gym and have no idea what to do, so you do 20ish minutes on the treadmill, mess around with some dumbbells, walk around a little bit more and then call it a day after you have been there for an hour? Us too! When it comes to a boutique style gym, chances are the workouts are programmed and designed for you. Not only does this keep it fun and interesting, but it also helps you stay balanced in your fitness! Love to run? Awesome! Chances are some strength training could really help you avoid injury and perform even better in your running. Hate cardio and only want to lift? Awesome! We can guarantee that getting your heart rate up a few times a week will be extremely beneficial to your overall health. Having this kind of guidance when it comes to your workouts and programming takes the guess work out of it and makes you a healthier individual! Win win!
We cannot speak for all boutique gyms, but at our gym, all classes are coached from start to finish (including your warm up) and our classes have no more than 8 athletes at any time. This ensures you get a ton of personal attention. We can watch and correct any movement flaws we might see, we can modify movements as needed for each individual and we can really make sure you are getting the most out of every workout. Not only that, but you truly know everyone in your class!
Short on time? No problem! Our classes are 60 minutes from start to finish (plus you don’t have to think about what to do at all – we take care of that for you!). We have set class times, so you can register for class based on your schedule that day and having to register for that class is one more layer of added accountability, which we said before, is a HUGE piece to success in your health and fitness journey!
You have probably heard us mention our community before, but that’s because it is such a HUGE part of our facility. When you join a smaller gym, chances are you will be welcomed in like family. It might feel overwhelming those first few classes, with 5 different people coming over to say hi and introduce themselves, but trust us, this is something so special we can’t even begin to describe it.
If you are looking for any of the above items, we highly suggest you give a more specialized or smaller boutique style gym a try! It might be exactly what you need and are looking for to ensure YEARS of actual fun with your fitness!
-Kari Kirkendall, Nutrition Coach / Youth Program Director / Media & Event Director

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