Athlete of the MonthMay

Chelsea Hoang

How old / young are you? 44 What is your occupation? Verizon Voice Engineering When did you join Widespread Fitness? 2019 Why did you decide to give Widespread Fitness a try? Recommendation from a friend when looking for our new gym after moving. What was your athletic background before starting? Always been active, joined the CrossFit craze in 2011 What changes in your health, physique, and overall performance have you seen since starting? Especially with re-dedicating my efforts this last year after a couple-year-break – I’ve lost a size, regained half my closet, but most importantly, I’m regaining my confidence back in my body being able to do whatever I want it to do! Like help Jason put our 160lb roof top tent on the jeep! What advice would you give to someone with regards to starting? Don’t be intimidated by the WOD, be inspired by the community inspiring you to push a little harder each WOD. What is your favorite and least favorite exercises / movement? Least favorite is burpees. Favorite is all things on the rig. What is your most memorable moment so far? I don’t have a single moment, but a collection of moments. Feeling stronger, finishing a workout better than I thought I would, connecting with amazing fellow athletes, remembering the joy of bonding over digging deeper than we thought we could. What do you like to do outside of the gym? Camping, hiking, jeep trails, SUP’ing, reading, enjoy my family. What is your favorite “cheat” food or meal? Gummy bears and cheesecake What is something people would be surprised to know about you? Not even Jason (my husband) could think of something, I’m pretty basic. Ha Who or what inspires you the most? My girls. I want to be a strong, confident, female role model for them. And my hubby and BFF. He always brings his best self, which I reach for daily to meet with my best self. What is one goal you would like to accomplish? Age gracefully. There are a LOT of things Jason and I have planned in the many years we have left, which require I stay healthy/fit enough to accomplish them with grace over time.