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Warm-up (No Measure)

400m Run

3 Rounds

8 Medball Cleans

20 Mountain Climbers


Pec Stretch: 30s each side x 2 sets

Ankle Mobility: 30s each side x 2 sets


Metcon (4 Rounds for distance)

EMOM x 16 Mins

Min 1: 40 Second Max Distance Farms Carry

Min 2: Rest

Min 3: 40 Second Handstand Hold

Min 4: Rest
For, farmers walks use kettle bells and go as heavy as possible, but shoot to go unbroken. Same weight for all sets. Handstand holds, can be free standing, against wall. Handstand hold scale: KB overhead hold.

Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds

7 Right Arm KB Front Squats (53, 35)

7 Left Arm KB Front Squats

5 Right Arm Russian KB Swings

5 Left Arm Russian KB Swings

3 Right Arm KB Push Presses

3 Left Arm KB Push Presses

1 Min Rest Between Rounds
Pick KB weight you can shoot to go unbroken for round.

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