Group Fitness

Group Fitness is just one option we offer our members. Our group classes are 60-minutes in length. During that time we are moving from start to finish. Each class is the broken down into 3 sections: Warm-up, Strength, and Conditioning (what we can a metcon). The coach leads the class though each section make sure everyone know what they should be doing and why they are doing it. Our group classes are limited to no more than 8 members. We keep our class size small for 2 reason: 1) Space – with 1000 sqf of working area we want each member to feel that they have enough room to move comfortably and safely 2) Personal attention – with an 8 to 1 ratio of athlete to coach, that coach can provide each member with personal attention they deserve.

About 85% of our members choose this fitness option. Group classes are a great option for the person who enjoys the social aspect and camaraderie that is formed between fellow members.  If you would like to learn more about our group classes schedule your Free Intro now.

-Matthew Kirkendall, Head Coach/Owner

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