Chris Auxier

"Thank you Widespread!"

I joined Widespread CrossFit approximately 4 months ago with an interest in getting stronger for the ski season and trying something new and programmatic. I was starting from pretty much zero as an inactive, overweight, middle-aged guy with the last 12 months consumed by a very stressful desk job and having just moved from sea level. A bit intimidated, I opted for one-on-one coaching sessions beyond the 2 week on-ramp sessions, and I have stuck with those since. Coach Matt has been awesome, and I really appreciate his focus on proper form, his clear explanations on the how and why of each movement, his modification of exercises to accommodate my personal limits, and his ability to motivate.
CrossFit has been great for getting me into a routine and keeping me interested. With the exception of a few holiday and travel days, I have consistently worked out 3 times per week since starting. I have definitely seen results, and I continue to see improvement. I’ve lost almost 15 pounds and more than that in fat with an increase in muscle mass. And that’s despite eating pretty terribly between Thanksgiving and the New Year. I have seen improved definition in my arms, legs, and shoulders. My core is undeniably stronger and my posture has improved noticeably. When I started, I could barely do a dozen sit-ups without getting a spasm. Now I can do 65 or so as part of a workout with no problem. Lower back pain that I experienced when sleeping has gone away. My legs are much stronger, and my aerobic capacity has improved considerably. I can now run a mile as part of a workout and not feel it the next day. My first ski day of the season I successfully kept up with my uber fit ski buddy, Joe, on a long and fast bump run at Mary Jane without needing to pause. I feel stronger and healthier overall.
I still have a long way to go to reach my current basic goals of weight loss, aerobic capacity and mobility, but given the results thus far, I have no doubt they are within reach if I simply put in the time and maintain reasonable parameters on nutrition. And the great thing is that I’m still interested! My ski buddy Joe joked… “How do you know if someone does CrossFit? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.” It has become something I think about and talk about a lot. While I enjoy outdoor exercise like skiing, hiking and tennis, CrossFit is the first gym-based program that has held my interest and kept me coming back. Thank you Widespread!
As 2018 begins, I intend to jump off my holiday weight loss plateau with better nutrition, to begin setting personal goals with coach Matt for specific exercises, and to eventually join the group classes.

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