Sarah Monzyk

"Getting out of my comfort zone"

I started my CrossFit journey a little over 3 years ago.  I liked CrossFit in the beginning, but didn’t LOVE it – the first 2 years, I still dabbled in other things and went to CrossFit 2 or 3 days a week.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always thought it was a great work out, I just wasn’t motivated to actually go or I would make excuses that I was too sore or tired or the WOD was stupid.  However, when Matt opened Widespread CrossFit, his coaching, passion and fitness knowledge were so motivating that I started doing CrossFit 4-5 days a week.  While I still have lots of room for improvement (pull-ups are my nemesis), I’ve made gains in almost every area.  Physically since starting at Widespread CrossFit, I’ve lost 4% of my body fat which I think is a pretty big deal considering I’ve worked out almost my whole life and I’m not in my 20s any more (or my 30s, but we can just forget that part).  Honestly though, there are so many things that make me love Widespread CrossFit more than any physical changes that I’ve experienced.  The people in the gym have become my friends and working out is actually fun. I love seeing everyone make progress and it motivates me to become better and stronger both physically and mentally.  CrossFit also allows me to be fit enough to continue to do the outdoor activities that I love when I get the chance – I hiked two 14ers last summer and they were relatively easy; skiing has always been a challenge for me, but this season was different and I felt more comfortable than ever on the slopes.  Most importantly, CrossFit has allowed my kiddos to see me as a strong role model.  Matt has created a community where we have family-friendly workouts for certain holidays and celebrations.  We also had an intramural competition at the gym for the CrossFit Open where families and friends could come to watch athletes participate every Friday night.  My kids watched me do 16.5 and the other day I said something about me being lazy to which my daughter replied, “Mom, NO WAY are you lazy, I saw you lift that bar over your head with those big weights on it again and again.” Getting out of my comfort zone and doing a workout in front of everyone in the gym was hard, but knowing that my daughter was watching and saw me as the furthest thing from ‘lazy’ made it all worth it.

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