Tom Sweetman

"My blood pressure is under control"

I recall two years ago about this time, construction began taking place in the location that is now Widespread CrossFit. I would get my haircut in the months that followed in the same strip mall and take a look in the gym while peeps were working out and say to myself ….. who in the f–k wants to put themselves through that?! I even voiced my opinion to Allison, my wife who had already secretly planned to join CrossFit. I am always the last to know in our family. I am sure that surprises no one.

So, Allison is now doing CrossFit. I am hearing about the daily WODs ….. WTF is a WOD? Her energy is off the charts, I am sitting on the deck drinking a glass of wine and smoking a cigar …. contemplating, I am going to be 50 in 3 months and I am just like my dad…..Belly and all. I am 237 pounds, I lack energy, my ankles hurt walking stairs, my knees hurt carrying too much weight and my back can’t get through a round of golf without spasms……I go to a spine specialist and their suggestion is to stick a needle into my spinal column and shoot meds for the pain. After holding Allison and watching while the doc gave her an epidural when she delivered our first child, NOT going to happen! The timing was perfect. At the same time as my doctor’s appointment and being scared …. Allison was doing a nutrition challenge thru CrossFit. I ate what she ate. I walked when she walked. I walked when she ran. I walked when she did burpees. You get the picture. I dropped 12 pounds in 6 weeks. Then I went to the Halloween CrossFit work out – 2015. I watched guys my size carrying pumpkins and running 200 meters. O.K. I can do this.

I joined CrossFit in November of 2015. I have lost 25 pounds, my waist size has gone from 40.5 to 37, my blood pressure is under control due to consistent exercise and nutrition, my ankles don’t hurt, my knees don’t hurt and my back is fine whether I play 18 or 36 holes in a golf tournament which I recently had to do. That would not have happened 5 years ago. After wearing clothes that I had in my drawer from 2002, thinking it would not last ….that I would gain it all back, I haven’t. CrossFit is now a way of life for me and my family as all of our kids do it as well. Nothing more fun than working out with a family member. I finally went out and purchased some new clothes because it will stick.

Matt and Kari, I appreciate your encouragement every day. I also appreciate that you recognize what I am there to accomplish. I am looking to build strength, flexibility, mobility and most importantly, be around for our kids and grand kids to come. CrossFit and disciplined nutrition are allowing that to become a reality for me because 8 months ago, I did not think it possible.

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