Athlete of the MonthAugust

Erica Erickson


How old / young are you?
43 years young

What is your occupation?
I was a National Bank Regulator for 14-years, until two years ago when I stepped away to run my own business and come an “Uber Mom” to our four children. Best part of that occupation change, it opened the door for me to becoming a part-time coach at the gym.

When did you join Widespread CrossFit?
I’m coming up on my 2-year Anniversary. It honestly feels like yesterday that I walked through the doors scared out of my mind because I knew how out of shape I was, but it was time to put myself first.

Why did you decide to give CrossFit a try?
Ha, after a few beers in my backyard with Nate and Wendy, I finally had the courage to ask them about the gym. Within seconds of us talking about it, Wendy pulled
out her phone and told me she had messaged Kari and said I will be calling to get more information. I’m pretty sure I drank a few more beers nervous that I was now committed to make a phone call and take the first step of getting outside of my comfort zone.

What was your athletic background before starting CrossFit?
I was very active in high school sports and before kids ran in many different running races.

What changes in your health, physique, and overall performance have you seen since starting CrossFit?
At 43 I excited to finally have some muscles. No, in all honestly, it feels so good to be a role model for my kiddos and teaching them it’s never too late to chase your dreams. Hearing them tell me how proud they were of me finishing my first marathon, was worth all the blisters, sweat, and pain. Also, as a family we have learned to eat healthier, and my old twins are very quick to point out when something isn’t “Kari approved.”

What advice would you give to someone with regards to starting CrossFit?
GO FOR IT and never look back!! Don’t let the barbell or movements scare you. Set a plan, find someone to hold you accountable, and HAVE FUN! Once you get going, you won’t look back. The community will help you push past the hard days and cheer you on each and everyday you walk into the gym.

What is your favorite and least favorite CrossFit exercises / movement?
Any workout with running is my jam. I also loves sleds, I know I’m nuts! Least favorite is taking a barbell overhead.

What is your most memorable CrossFit moment so far?
Looking at how far I’ve come since my first partner workout. I will never forget the first partner workout I completed with Wendy and Amy. The end of the workout was time remaining max BURPEES! I seriously thought Matt was going to need to call an ambulance because they moved so fast. I’m pretty certain that I asked them to please slow DOWN so I didn’t throw up. I think it’s time for a redo on that workout.

What do you like to do outside of CrossFit?
Baking is my favorite hobby. I master Key Lime Pie during COVID, and don’t ask me to do anything the day after Thanksgiving, it’s reserved for baking all the goodies. I also LOVE weekends and watching our kiddos play sports.

What is your favorite “cheat” food or meal?
Ice Cream, all the ice cream!!

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
I’m a mom of four kiddos….two sets of twins. We have both fraternal and surprise identical twin girls. So, I work out to burn off the crazy!

Who or what inspires you the most?
My dad! Growing up he taught me to work hard, give more than you receive, and while sometimes it won’t feel like you are making big steps towards your goal, patience will get you there at the right moment.

What is one goal you would like to accomplish through CrossFit?
To inspire others to step outside their comfort zone. As a mom, I put my family first for over 10-years and didn’t make time for myself. I didn’t realize how much extra stress I carried around and how it impacted my sleep, nutrition, and be being a mom. After doing one good workout in the gym, I leave ready to concur the world, or four year old feisty twins girls.

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